Wild plums collected in the forest

Small jar: Wild fermentation with only water and sugar Tall jar: Lacto fermentation with whey and brine

I found and picked some wild plums that are to be fermented. It’s about 1 kg of gratis pesticide-free fruit. It shows you once again that pesticides are an evil that could be done without as these plums have no worms and are untouched by bugs. The natural selection of companion planting if left to nature is just perfect. I picked up some over-ripe plums that had fallen on the ground (birds) and are subsequently much sweeter. These do show some damage but they will provide the natural sugars for the ferment.

After 48 hours

I halved /quartered the plums and kept the pits hoping for a little extra zing and additional almond flavour due to B17 in the kernels.

I am looking forward to the end result and how both methods will compare and the final taste test!