This salad can be made in 5 minutes! No extra salt, pepper or other spices are used.

– 2 tablespoons of organic chick peas (from a jar) *
– 3 tablespoons of fermented celery **
– 50g of blue cheese
– 1/2 a large apple or 1 small apple
– About 2 tablespoons of chives
– Good couple of dashes of organic raw apple cider vinegar and omega or olive oil

(Note: *or home-made and stored in fridge; **see article on fermented vegetables)

Cutting knife, cutting board, spoon

How to:
Easy – just chop everything on a cutting board, move onto plate, drizzle with vinegar and oil and give it a good toss before serving!

Health benefits:

Blue cheese; chick peas; apple; fermented celery and chives salad